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retired person


Complex needs


broadband, smart phone, mobile device, tablet, digital TV
Alba is a retiree living in an urban area of Spain with her husband, Eduardo. Lately, Alba has noticed some changes in her cognitive abilities, experiencing occasional memory loss and struggling to perform daily tasks independently. This has had a noticeable impact on her overall quality of life. Meanwhile, Eduardo leads an active life and is involved in various sports and social activities, he is constantly worried about Alba. They are considering adopting a wearable camera integrated with vital sign monitoring, GPS, and an emergency alarm system. Alba and Eduardo see the potential benefits of this technology in helping Alba recall her daily routines and providing them both with a sense of security, knowing that medical alarms can be triggered if necessary. While they eagerly embrace the idea of maintaining Alba’s independence and preserving their daily routines, Alba and Eduardo are mindful of the privacy concerns associated with wearable devices. They host frequent gatherings with friends at their home, and they want to ensure that everyone’s privacy is respected and that the wearable device does not create any unwanted stigma or discomfort.

Internet usage

Mobile device skills

Affinity to new tech

Digital Health Literacy

Assistance (ICT use)

What's important to Alba

– Independence and dignity
– Routine and structure
– Security and safety
– Maintaining relationships

Health concerns

– Cognitive impairment
– Memory loss
– Decline in daily functioning
– Dementia symptoms

Daily living

– Household chores
– Cooking
– Managing medications
– Engaging in social activities

Health tests

– Cognitive assessments
– Neurological evaluations
– Physical check-ups

Events, issues & personal concerns

– Forgetting important information
– Emotional impact of cognitive decline
– Concerns about becoming a burden
– Worries about assistive technology associated stigma

Treatment: medications, therapies, etc.

– Medications for cognitive support
– Cognitive therapies and exercises

Own resources & assets / support

– Support from her spouse, Eduardo
– Moderate affinity and experience with technology use
– Support from friends

Care professional concerns

– Addressing Alba’s changing care needs
– Monitoring and managing Alba’s cognitive decline
– Ensuring effective communication with Alba


– Assistance in managing daily activities and routines due to cognitive impairment, while at the same time supporting her independence and autonomy in daily life.
– Regular monitoring of vital signs and health parameters to ensure her well-being.
– Access to assistive technology for memory aid and reminders to enhance cognitive functioning and memory recall.
– Provision of a secure and safe environment to prevent accidents and ensure overall safety.

Developed by

Tamara, VisuAAL Project, The University of Alicante