Life course

person aged 80+


Chronic conditions and / or social needs


Carmen lives in a care home in Spain. She enjoys being a part of the community and looks forward to engaging in daily activities with fellow residents. It brings her joy and a sense of connection with others. Carmen has a history of falls, especially when trying to get out of bed and also in the bathroom during night-time. These falls have resulted in long and challenging recovery periods, causing Carmen to feel fearful and anxious about her safety. Moreover, these incidents have limited her ability to fully engage with her peers, leading to a sense of isolation and frustration. Recognizing the need to address this risk, the care home is planning to make her part of a new initiative to enhance Carmen’s safety by providing her with video monitoring technology that sends immediate alarm signals to the care home personnel in case of a fall. While Carmen appreciates the added safety measures brought by the technology, she’s worried that the caregivers might visit her less. She’s afraid that the adoption of the system will result in her being abandoned.

Internet usage

Mobile device skills

Affinity to new tech

Digital Health Literacy

Assistance (ICT use)

What's important to Carmen

– Feeling safe
– Feeling connected and valued by others
– Care home community engagement and participation

Health concerns

– Arthritis
– Sleeping problems
– Hypertension
– Osteoporosis

Daily living

– Sharing meals with fellow residents
– Interacting and socializing with peers and caregivers
– Playing Bingo before lunchtime
– Managing her medication routines

Health tests

– Physical check-ups
– Blood tests
– Cognitive assessments

Events, issues & personal concerns

– Increased frequency of falls
– Feeling isolated and frustrated due to limitations caused by falls
– Fear of being abandoned or neglected if video monitoring technology is introduced

Treatment: medications, therapies, etc.

– Medications for regulating blood pressure
– Bisphosphonates
– Sleep aid medications

Own resources & assets / support

– Physical and emotional support from the care home personnel
– Emotional support from care home residents

Care professional concerns

– Ensuring Carmen’s safety by preventing falls
– Addressing Carmen’s fears and anxieties regarding video monitoring
– Promoting an inclusive and supportive environment for Carmen
– Collaborating with Carmen and health professionals to develop a comprehensive care plan


– Enhanced safety measures to prevent falls and promote a sense of security.
– Supportive and inclusive community environment to address feelings of isolation.
– Reassurance and emotional support to alleviate anxiety and fear regarding her safety.
– Access to activities and engagement opportunities that accommodate her limitations.
– Clear communication and involvement in decision-making regarding the implementation of video monitoring technology.

Developed by

Tamara, VisuAAL Project, The University of Alicante