Life course

working age adult


Generally well / good wellbeing


smart phone, tablet
Giulia is a 37-year-old manager who has staked everything on her career. She works in a major company in the Northeast, and at 36 she had to resort to IVF to have a baby. She cares about her fitness, goes to the gym regularly, but she’s a heavy smoker. She has made several attempts to quit smoking, but work-related stress made her to fall back into the bad habit. The difficulties encountered in getting pregnant led her to question herself about the correct behaviors to adopt during pregnancy. She quit smoking as soon as she learned she was pregnant, but she wants to know more, because she thinks this is her last chance to become a mother. She is sensitive to any indication, she comes to MITOSI already with a strong  background of knowledge. She is a bit in doubt about vaccinations, as she read a lot about no vax in internet. One thing is certain: motherhood for her represents a strong motivational drive for change.

Internet usage

Mobile device skills

Affinity to new tech

Digital Health Literacy

Assistance (ICT use)

What's important to Giulia

– Being a winner in life
– Mantaininga good physical shape
– Not loosing her baby, or damage him/her
– Giving the best to her child
– Quit smoking

Health concerns

– Several unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant
– Family history with breast cancer (mother)

Daily living

– She works about 10-12 hours a day
– She practice gym or home gym at least twice a week for about one hour
– She reads finance books also at home
– In the evening, she watches TV series with her partner on Netflix
– During the weekend, she meets her friends and relatives
– She loves shopping at least once a month
– She goes to hairdresser and beautician at least once a month

Health tests

– Blood pressure, glycemia, and any other test necessary for pregnancy
– Obstetric ultrasound scans
– Tests required for IVF

Events, issues & personal concerns

– Compulsive smoking
– Too much time spent at work
– Concern about her age for being a mother
– Concerns about loosing her physical shape during pregnancy

Treatment: medications, therapies, etc.

– none

Own resources & assets / support

– She’s clever and with a high study degree (master)
– She’s got a great willpower
– She’s a good income, aldalso her boyfriend
– She’s motivated to know everything which allows the best conditions for her pregnancy

Care professional concerns

– Smoking


– Professional support to quit smoke (and maintaining after childbirth)
– Attending meditation courses
– Being able to enjoy her family life sacrificing career

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bySilvana Zanon, Aulss3 Serenissima – Veneto Region