Juan Pérez García


Juan Pérez García







Life course

person aged 80+


Chronic conditions and / or social needs


smart phone
84-year-old man who resides in a nursing home. He was born in a small town and spent most of his life working as a primary school teacher. He is a widower and has two adult children, both of whom live in different cities but visit regularly. Juan has always been an active and social person, enjoying activities such as reading, gardening and meeting friends.

Internet usage

Mobile device skills

Affinity to new tech

Digital Health Literacy

Assistance (ICT use)

What's important to Juan Pérez García

Social: Has an active social circle within the residence, participating in group activities such as art and music classes. He maintains regular contact with his family through video calls.
Technological: He uses technological devices to manage his health, such as a glucose meter connected to his smartphone and a health app that sends him reminders for medication and medical appointments.
Cultural: She values independence and respect for her privacy. She also enjoys maintaining her cultural traditions, such as preparing traditional dishes on special occasions.

Health concerns

Health concerns
Diabetes mellitus type 2: She manages her condition with insulin, as the last blood tests showed that the glycosylated haemoglobin value was not sufficiently effective with oral medication. His glucose level is monitored with a flash system. He eats a balanced diet and takes moderate exercise as recommended by his doctor.
Hypertension: Under control with medication, but requires constant monitoring.
Osteoarthritis: He suffers from mild joint pain and stiffness, particularly in his hands and knees, which limits his mobility somewhat.
Fall prevention: Given his history of minor falls, safety measures have been implemented in his environment, such as grab bars in the bathroom and handrails in the corridors.

Daily living

Health tests

Events, issues & personal concerns

Treatment: medications, therapies, etc.

Own resources & assets / support

Care professional concerns


Health Monitoring:
Monitoring Technology: Continue to use your connected glucose meter and health app to manage your diabetes and high blood pressure.
Health Visits: Regularly scheduled doctor visits to monitor and track your chronic conditions.

Physical Support:
Physiotherapy: Regular physiotherapy sessions to help manage osteoarthritis and maintain mobility.
Fall Prevention: Continuation of home safety measures and participation in balance and strength exercise programmes.

Emotional and social support:
Social interactions: Participate in group activities and events within the community to maintain an active social life.
Family contact: Facilitate regular communication with their family through video calls and scheduled visits.

Nutrition and Physical Activity:
Personalised nutrition: Follow a diabetes-specific diet with the help of a dietitian at the residence.
Regular exercise: Participate in exercise programmes appropriate for your condition, such as supervised walking and stretching classes.
Education and self-management:

Health education: Continue to receive up-to-date information on managing your diabetes and other conditions, including educational workshops.
Technology training: Ongoing support to help you use your devices and health apps.

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