Life course

working age adult


Generally well / good wellbeing


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Lucia is a compassionate and hardworking individual who leads a busy life. Alongside her job as an administrator, she carries the responsibility of caring for her 84-year-old widower father, Pablo, who lives alone. Striving to maintain a balance between work, caregiving, managing her household, and maintaining her own well-being, Lucia faces the challenges of feeling overwhelmed. Despite her dedication, Lucia experiences moments of guilt when she cannot devote as much time as she desires to her father’s care, particularly in light of recent emergencies. One incident involved Pablo leaving the stove on, resulting in a fire, while another led to his hospitalization due to a fall. Lucia’s attempts to secure a private caregiver for Pablo proved unsuccessful, as he only accepts and trusts the presence of a person who visits him weekly for cleaning. Living in constant anxiety of a reoccurrence of incidents, Lucia contemplates the installation of a monitoring camera. Pablo holds reservations about this decision, fearing that the camera’s presence could be intrusive and potentially disrupt his trusted relationship with the cleaning persons, concerned that it might be perceived as a form of surveillance.

Internet usage

Mobile device skills

Affinity to new tech

Digital Health Literacy

Assistance (ICT use)

What's important to Lucia

– Her family’s well-being and happiness
– Maintaining work-life balance
– Fulfilling her caregiving responsibilities
– Finding solutions for her father’s safety

Health concerns

– Her stress and emotional well-being
– Coping with feelings of overwhelm
– Addressing guilt related to caregiving

Working life

– Administrator in a demanding job
– Managing work tasks efficiently
– Seeking work-life balance solutions
– Strong work ethic and dedication

Personal life

– Caring daughter to her elderly father
– Devoted wife and mother of three
– Balancing work, caregiving, and household tasks
– Prioritizing time for her father’s care
– Feelings of guilt and overwhelm


– University degree
– Staying informed about aging-related issues

Employment concerns

– Balancing work and caregiving responsibilities
– Seeking flexible work arrangements
– Managing stress and time constraints
– Advocating for caregiver support policies

Multi-disciplinary team concerns

– Addressing privacy and surveillance concerns
– Ensuring effective communication
– Collaborating with healthcare professionals for holistic care


– Efficient time management strategies to balance work, caregiving, and personal well-being.
– Emotional support and guidance to cope with feelings of overwhelm and guilt.
– Effective communication channels to address concerns and maintain trust with her father.
– Access to technical solutions and resources to ensure her father’s safety and well-being

Developed by

Tamara, VisuAAL Project, The University of Alicante