Life course

working age adult


Generally well / good wellbeing


broadband, smart phone, mobile device, tablet, digital TV
Luis, an applied researcher in the field of Active and Assistive Living technologies, has spent over a decade developing innovative solutions to support the daily living activities of older adults and individuals with disabilities. His primary focus is on enhancing care provision through the use of assistive technologies. Luis firmly believes in the transformative power of technological advancements in care practices. Recognizing the rapid pace of technological progress, Luis remains vigilant about the potential data security risks that accompany these advancements. He dedicates significant effort to strengthening privacy protection mechanisms within these systems, ensuring maximum security and safeguarding individuals’ privacy. However, he faces a constant challenge due to the lag in regulatory laws, which struggle to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technological solutions. Balancing the needs and perspectives of various stakeholders is rather challenging in this process. Luis strives to find a common ground where the benefits of technological progress can be applied while addressing the concerns and interests of all involved parties. By navigating these complexities, Luis aims to push the boundaries of care provision and create a future where assistive technologies truly transform the lives of individuals in need.

Internet usage

Mobile device skills

Affinity to new tech

Digital Health Literacy

Assistance (ICT use)

What's important to Luis

– Privacy and security in assistive systems
– Enhancing care provision through technology
– Addressing different stakeholder perspectives and needs

Health concerns

– Managing stress and workload
– Staying physically active and fit

Working life

– Driven by the transformative potential of technology
– Designing and developing assistive technologies
– Attending conferences and staying updated on industry trends
– Focuses on enhancing privacy and data security

Personal life

– Devoted husband and father of three
– Caretaker of his parents
– Embraces a forward-thinking mindset
– Strives for work-life balance
– Values personal growth and learning


– Ph.D. degree in information technologies
– Lifelong learner in the field

Employment concerns

– Struggles with lag in regulatory laws
– Balances stakeholder needs and perspectives
– Advocates for ethical and responsible use of technology
– Addresses challenges in implementation and adoption

Multi-disciplinary team concerns

– Managing differing opinions and perspectives
– Facilitate open communication and understanding
– Balancing interdisciplinary expertise


– Understanding and addressing the concerns of individuals, organizations, and communities for achieving a balance between the diverse stakeholders’ needs.
– Fostering open dialogue, collaboration, and compromise to create solutions that meet the collective goals and requirements.
– Regulatory frameworks and policies that address the evolving challenges of data security and privacy.
– Recognition and support for the importance of incorporating assistive technologies into care practices for older adults and individuals with disabilities.

Developed by

Tamara, VisuAAL Project, The University of Alicante