Life course

working age adult


Generally well / good wellbeing


broadband, smart phone, mobile device, tablet, digital TV
Manuel has spent over two decades working in the healthcare sector. For the past nine years, he has served as a case manager in a public health center in Spain. In his role, he skilfully manages the diverse array of public health services, integrating and coordinating the social and healthcare aspects of patient care. As a reference figure in the care process, Manuel acts as a guiding presence for patients, conducting thorough assessments to understand their individual needs and the available resources. He is dedicated to ensuring continuity of care for his patients, serving as their main advocate throughout their healthcare journey. Recognizing the changing demographics, Manuel understands the need for healthcare to adapt. He was an early supporter of integrating emergency buttons into public care for older adults, believing that modern technological solutions can greatly enhance the provision of care. However, his extensive experience has also highlighted the challenges of implementing healthcare technologies in a public healthcare setting. Nevertheless, Manuel remains proactive and eager to collaborate with researchers and policymakers. He continuously seeks opportunities to contribute to the advancement of healthcare practices and strives for improved outcomes for his patients.

Internet usage

Mobile device skills

Affinity to new tech

Digital Health Literacy

Assistance (ICT use)

What's important to Manuel

– Effective coordination and integration of healthcare services
– Accessible and equitable healthcare provision
– Continuous professional development and learning
– Staying informed about advancements in healthcare technology
– Patient advocacy and empowerment

Health concerns

– Preventive care and screenings
– Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
– Addressing age-related health issues

Working life

– Supports patients throughout their healthcare journey
– Integrates social and healthcare services
– Advocates for patient-centered care
– Ensures continuity of care

Personal life

– Enjoys outdoor activities
– Engages in community service
– Appreciates quality time with loved ones
– Values work-life balance


– Medical Degree
– Continuous learner in the healthcare field
– Pursues opportunities for skill enhancement

Employment concerns

– Adapting to changing healthcare landscape
– Seeking to improve healthcare practices
– Addressing challenges in implementing healthcare technologies
– Collaborating with researchers and policymakers

Multi-disciplinary team concerns

– Supporting interdisciplinary approaches
– Enhancing communication and information sharing
– Working towards integrated and holistic care


– Access to comprehensive healthcare services that prioritize patient-centered care and a holistic approach.
– Continuous professional development opportunities to stay updated with evolving healthcare practices and advancements, including the effective use of technologies.
– Collaboration with researchers, policymakers, and technology experts to integrate innovative technologies into healthcare systems for improved patient outcomes.
– Accessible and equitable healthcare for all individuals, ensuring no one is left behind.

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Tamara, VisuAAL Project, The University of Alicante